Saturday, September 15, 2007

make nginx (command-line)

help resources:
getting started

getting all sorces:
tar xzvf nginx-0.5.31.tar.gz

tar xjvf pcre-7.3.tar.bz2

tar xjvf zlib-1.2.3.tar.bz2

tar xzvf mod_rpaf-0.5.tar.gz

this is for transferring IP address of user to backend.
/usr/local/httpd/bin/apxs -i -c -n mod_rpaf-2.0.c

cd nginx-0.5.31
make clean
./configure --with-zlib=../zlib-1.2.3 --with-pcre=../pcre-7.3
make -j4
make install

frontend + backend = nginx + apache

hi! this weekend was a bit hot for me, cause i decided to implement Front-end and back-end architecture on my home server (my home machine is, usually, platform for many tests about performance or new technology stuff, that i after use at work).

so i wanted it. and i decided that it will be nginx as front, and my old friend apache as back.

why nginx? i saw that many internet projects i track in my day job (especially at .ru zone) uses it. one thing that i want to mention, that it not so many docs in english, but you always can ask somebody.

very useful was getting started from nginx's author. but it's not always enough - Using Nginx As Reverse-Proxy Server On High-Loaded Sites (russian version) and Заметки о ipb, apache, nginx can solve you too.

after day and a half, i win ;-) and now i has tuned nginx+apache for my 4 virtual hosts. in next article, i will post about install process (and probably after tuning).