Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Online Education

In December I'm finishing advanced track on following classes
Introduction to Databases (Stanford)
Machine Learning (Stanford)
Introduction to Artifical Intelligence (Stanford)

I want to thank professors Jennifer Widom, Andrew Ng, Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig with their teams for this great opportunity for us to learn new interesting stuff from such a great people. Your experiment was super successful for me. And I look forward to jump into new classes especially cause I leave Cisco and for a few month I want to focus mostly on studying. New job search will wait, unemployed++

Starts January 2012
Technology Entrepreneurship (Stanford)
Anatomy (Stanford)
Making Green Buildings (Stanford)
Model Thinking (Michigan)
Machine Learning (Stanford)
Human-Computer Interaction (Stanford)
Natural Language Processing (Stanford)
Probabilistic Graphical Models (Stanford)
Cryptography (Stanford)
Design and Analysis of Algorithms I (Stanford)

Starts February 2012
Computer Science 101 (Stanford)
Software Engineering for Software as a Service (Berkeley)
Game Theory (Stanford)
Computer Security (Stanford, Berkeley)

Starts March 2012
Information Theory (Stanford)

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