Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Right way for Windows 7 installation

Here is what you need to tweek after OS install.

Enable Administrator account
  1. run cmd as administrator
  2. type net user administrator /active:yes

Enable ping response
  1. As Administrator
  2. Go to Windows Firewall
  3. Open Advanced settings
  4. Find and enable following rules

    1. File and Printer Sharing (Echo Request - ICMPv4-In), Domain
    2. File and Printer Sharing (Echo Request - ICMPv4-In), Public
    3. File and Printer Sharing (Echo Request - ICMPv6-In), Domain
    4. File and Printer Sharing (Echo Request - ICMPv6-In), Public
Alternative way how to do that - How to Enable Ping Reply in Windows 7

Remote Desktop connections

Wired LAN priority
  1. open Control Panel
  2. go to Network connections
  3. open Advanced menu
  4. select Advanced settings
  5. in the connections box reorder them as you want them to be

There is now good way to disable DVD auto eject, see search results on that.

Windows Updates
Allow all users to install updates on computer.

Popular issues

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Git aliases

I found this very useful in day-to-day git work.
    a = add

    s = status --short
    ss = status

    b = branch -a
    ba = branch -a -vv
    bs = !git-branch-status
    bsi = !git-branch-status -i

    c = commit
    cm = commit -m

    co = checkout

    d = diff --color
    ds = diff --color --stat
    dsp = diff --color --stat -p
    # files changed between commits
    dn = diff --color --name-only

    l = log --color --decorate
    ls = log --color --stat --decorate
    ln = log --name-status --color
    lsp = log --color --stat -p --decorate
    lg = log --graph '--pretty=tformat:%Cblue%h%Creset %Cgreen%ar%Creset %Cblue%d%Creset %s'
    lga = log --graph '--pretty=tformat:%Cblue%h%Creset %Cgreen%ar%Creset %Cblue%d%Creset %s' --all
    l10 = log --graph '--pretty=tformat:%Cblue%h%Creset %Cgreen%ar%Creset %Cblue%d%Creset %s' --all -10
    # for complicated branches
    lsd = log --graph '--pretty=tformat:%Cblue%h%Creset %Cgreen%ar%Creset %Cblue%d%Creset %s' --all --simplify-by-decoration

    ru = remote update
    sb = show-branch --sha1-name

    ls-del = ls-files -d
    ls-mod = ls-files -m # including remote files
    ls-new = ls-files --exclude-standard -o
    ls-ign = ls-files --exclude-standard -o -i

Update (2012-11-11)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Israel start throttling torrents?

I found today that my internet provider Bezeqint started throttling my torrent downloads.

After analyzing peers list i found that:
1. They monitor torrent traffic by patterns;
2. They track only TCP connections;

Check out how perfectly ISP is shaping my non-UDP traffic

The workaround:
1. Force encryption
µTorrent: Preferences > BitTorent > set Outgoing to Forced and uncheck Allow incoming legacy connections
2. Force UDP usage
µTorrent: Preferences > Advanced settings, you'll need to force bt.transp_disposition to 10 (source, values explained)

If your's torrent client working fine, that do not do anything, because these settings will decrease peers list and as so most likely your down/up speed.

See how it looks cool now :-)

New in uTorrent 1.9 - uTP, the micro transport protocol. This UDP-based reliable transport is designed to minimize latency, but still maximize bandwidth when the latency is not excessive.