Saturday, August 1, 2009

Zend Certified Engineer

Last week I've passed Zend PHP certification exam because I always wanted it, you know, just for fun. But actually it gave me much more than satisfaction - I learned new things I never used before and organized other topics in my head.

I got 10 mock exams with a voucher and I wanted to do that in January 2009. So I started to prepare myself with testing tools, books and manual. You even can see my mock exams progress. But I've stopped that in a middle and this summer I decided to get this done.

So now, I'm officially Zend Certified Engineer (certificate details) born in Russia, living in Israel ;-)

Resources that can help you to reduce holes in you PHP knowledge:
Btw, there is not a lot of folks that got ZCE in Israel - 83 at this moment.