Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Moving to the new team and project

We recently joined the new team. New oportunities and amazing people.
This is all my work staff as pictured a few weeks ago. This is the 5th new cubicle and 4th moving in my 4 years at Cisco ;-)

Novadays I've upgraded to brand new HP Z600 station and 4th monitor setup (^_^)
It's gonna be legend-... wait for it... DARY!

UPDATE (2011/04/23):
Setup is installed! Booyah
HP Z600 - from Cisco.
Dell ST2420L - from Cisco.
Dell 2407WFP-HC - personal, bought a year ago or so for work.
2 x HP 1955 - found as unused under the tables at some folks, with upgrades to new wide monitors these are going to trash. Bought 2 DVI cables and some old PCI-E video card made these extra 2 works together with wide guys.