Thursday, April 10, 2014

Software Engineer, Web Developer BI/Analytics

We are looking for web developer in Netanya. Job Description below.

I joined Ruckus almost a year ago and very happy about that.
We have great team here in Israel and worldwide, outstanding performance WiFi Access Points (just after Cisco according to business share).

Everyone do this
Ruckus do

Questions, details, CVs to

Skills and Requirements
- BS or MS in Computer Science or other technical field
- 3+ years of presentation-layer web development experience
- Knowledge and experience with JavaScript and debugging it, jQuery
- Knowledge and experience with SQL and databases
- Knowledge of SCM tools like Git, Perforce and similar
- Experience with working on Linux, managing OS
- Excellent communication skills and experience in collaborative environments

- Knowledge of HTML5, CSS3
- Knowledge and experience of creating User Interfaces and working on User Experience in projects
- Experience with Java, JSP, Spring Framework and Tomcat environment
- Knowledge of Software and UI testing and experience with writing tests
- Knowledge and experience with Cloud solutions
- Experience with mobile platforms

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Your Body in the World: Adapting to Your Next Big Adventure

Finished great course about human body physiology by Anne L. Friedlander, Corey Dysick and their team.

For me, most interesting were Heat, Cold, Aging and Stress.


The storytelling adventure begins at Stanford University in a thermoregulation laboratory. Just thinking about it gives us goosebumps. Poor Corey! Look forward to learning about piloerection, hypothermia, after-drop, and some practical tips on dealing with the cold.

The EnvPhyz team is back on Stanford campus exploring the effect of heat on the body. There's no air conditioning in this section. Look forward to learning about hyperthermia, cooling techniques, heat injuries and some practical tips on dealing with the heat.

The EnvPhyz team gets old! Get ready for a trip to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to learn about the impacts of time (age) on our physiology. With age comes wisdom, so be prepared to glean a few gems from this section and learn some tips that could change the trajectory of your aging. Look forward to learning about the causes of age-associated changes; which ones are inevitable and which ones you can influence.

The EnvPhyz team throws a big curveball as last minute changes make a big impact on the story. Anne and Corey give their bodies to science to explore stress and its affect on your body. This section is sure to elevate your heart rate, so get ready for a wild ride! Look forward to learning about the stress response, chronic stress, and some practical tips on how to manage stress in your daily life.

The team travels to the Army Research Station near Boston and to Pikes Peak, Colorado, to get you up close and personal with altitude research. Expect some adventures, good science, and rough transitions to altitude exposure. Look forward to learning about acute altitude exposure, chronic altitude exposure, serious altitude risks and some practical tips on preparing for that next trip up to the mountains.

Variable Pressures
After being subjected to so many environmental conditions, Corey finally gets his opportunity to strike back. Expect some high flying adventures into the world of variable pressures. Look forward to learning about g-forces, zero gravity, and the high pressures of deep water diving.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Multitronics VC731 for sale

Есть два новых Остался один (дата выпуска 2014-02-14) комплект Мультитроникса VC731 на продажу.

Пишите мне, кому интересно.
Цену для отправки по Израилю могу сделать привлекательнее. Если самовывоз из Нетании - ещё дешевле.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS4 shorted MOSFETs

Получил "в подарок" маму с процессором, памятью и видеокартой.
Комп запускается и сразу выключается. Иногда поработает секунд 30 и вырубается. И так до бесконечности. Иногда может дёрнутся вентилятор ЦП.

Спасибо инжинерам Гигабайта за диагностические светодиоды возле каждой компоненты в отдельности! Проблема в районе процессора обрисовалась сразу.
Тестировал с разными видео, паматью, процессором и БП - тот же результат.

POST-карты у меня нет конечно же. Дежурка вроде в порядке: +5 В на у PW SW и 2.5 В на 14м пине PCI (верхний ряд).

Силовая электроника, представленная на плате

КЗ было найдено в 2-х транзиторах верхнего плеча питания ЦП - 4744N.
Ещё подозрителен один из драйверов этих силовых транзиторов - он выбивается по проверкам из других. Дроссели  не оборваны.

Как появятся детали и фен, буду менять. Выкидывать не попробовав починить жалко :-) Интересный же опыт.

Спасибо интернетам
Ремонт материнских плат для начинающих и не только, теория, полезные советы - Обзор
Как найти битый полевой транзистор

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Smartphones charging

Немного о зарядке телефонов.

До недавнего времени, я думал, что достаточно просто подать 5В на два крайних провода +5 и -5. Например, чтобы сделать самодельную зарядку от авто или батареек.
С новыми телефонами это не пройдёт...
Они по двум центральным проводам D+ и D- определяют могут ли они заряжаться в нормальном режиме.

Полезная информация (раздел Battery Charging)

EEVblog #388 - Fake Apple USB Charger Teardown
Ken Shirriff's blog - "power supply"