Monday, September 14, 2009

GPS sku.23569

My new game is cheap ($100) GPS device from dealextreme.
Looks like this is YF International 58C-2 DX redesigned.

Quick specs
5" TFT screen, 480x272 pixels
Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 English
CPU Atlas-III 327 MHz
900 mAh lithium polymer battery
SiRF-3 GPS chipset
Comes with 2 GM SD flash card with iGO
FM transmitter

Useful information
Video on YouTube

Rom version: 7DB82C.YF.F.3.25
Software version: V3.0.9.26
Platform ID: 5946504E44383243
Device ID: 2D2DCE7601002790

Windows says (Active Sync)
Model name: YFPND82C
Firmware version: YFPND82C 5.0

GPS software
GPS Underground (eng)

UPDATE (2010/08/19)
Sold after a year of usage, here are my thoughts:
- good for start as first device (others from DealExtreme should be ok too)
- last used with iGO (Nov 3 2009) and iGO Primo (Jul 22 2010) - like a charm
- never used BlueTooth and FM transmitter once (before I got leased car finally with MP3 CD support)
- car windshield required upgrade - bad silicon quality and overall holder - doable at home
- car cigar lighter power charger burned 3 fuses untill I solved why - bad quality, fixable in a car
- AC adapter required soldering to start work - bad quality, doable at home
- never saw movies on it
- battery is bad, 10 mins max at min backlight - took 4 AA GP rechargeable batteries and made small travel set with USB connector (4x2700 mAh 1.2V batteriess hold iGO for 4-5 hours on min backlight).
- gets very hot on direct sun in a car - probably, nothing to worry
- this device is a good toy for it's price, when you fix all above
- replaced with sku.37914 cause of better CPU, bigger RAM for next level games ;-)

My iGO configuration files (sys.txt) for this device.

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