Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lenovo product specs

Lenovo X220

Just came back from buying new laptop. I monitored for about a month used goods internet board Yad2 and finally I found a hot deal. Lenovo X220 (4291-4CG) for 4,000 NIS. New one like this here in Israel starts from 8,400. I was so lucky and that seller came with unboxed laptop. It's manufacture date was Dec 26th 2011 (less than a month)!

Lenovo X220 4291 specs
This is CPU-Z validation page with hardware details.

At Cisco I had older model X201 for less than a year and now when I'm layed off, I was need a good "work horse" at home. As I buy things for long period, I wanted a strong model. And, honestly, I wanted same Lenovo. I never saw something good like this at other manufactures. I also know how to dessasebmle it, I knew where Lenovo sits in Israel, was there several times. But who wants to pay about 10K for laptop?

But my post is not about the laptop. It's about how to check it's spec details by model. Most people selling used laptops write only few main things about them like CPU, RAM, HDD specs and if it has scratches, how cool it is - more epithet that facts. But to know more details you should refer to Lenovo data sheet. So I was always asking for product id (type-model) of the laptop.

Lenovo X201 3626 product sticker

Now, knowing product id, I found a good place where to check full specs. Google not always lead to right results. Your start point is Lenovo - Personal Systems Reference (PSREF). Here you can find index for current and withdrawn products, look for exact specs: CPU type, chipset, memory, HDD types, screens, network cards, other details.

Highlighted links are:
History file - place to understand files structure

Find you model, remember sheet name from column
Index of current products
Index of current products (Western Europe)
Index of withdrawn products

Search for type-model or sheet name in these
ThinkPad Notebooks
ThinkPad Notebooks (Western Europe)
Withdrawn ThinkPad Notebooks; 2005 to presen

Parts lookup by type and s/n
Warranty lookup
X230 How to identify models with IPS

Update (2012-02-09)
Got nice case for my laptop Case Logic ULA-112 for 120 NIS.