Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pittasoft BlackVue DR500GW

Power consumption (see notes):
Initializing: 0.20-0.27 A
Loading (says hello): 0.30-0.40 A, 0.55 A at peak
Normal operation: 0.4 A, usually 0.32-0.38 A
Parking mode: 0.3 A, usually 0.26-0.31 A

1. GPS on or searching, almost no effect.
2. WiFi has low effect, not tested while file transfer (should use more current).
3. Tested with firmware v1.008.RUS at best quality (10 Mb/s)

Update (2014-09-20)
Look inside.

Image processor, main CPU, RAM.

Power controller.

Supercaps and WiFi module with antenna

Adding passive cooling to GPS module. Max radiator height is 4-5mm.

Installed in place.