Monday, May 5, 2014

ISO Connector Pins Removal

Recently I was fixing issue with car multimedia system.
The problem was in poor contact in ISO connector. I was need to replace one of them.
But what if you need to reorder pins, remove ones that not in use?
I didn't find perfect guide for that, so I wrote by myself ;-)

All you need is office clip, better from thick (fat) wire.
On left normal clip, right is what you need to do from it.

There are two type of pins: with one (left) or two (right) teeth.
(Btw, left one is better it has split contacts - 4 independent instead of 2. So if you buy, choose same as left ones).

Now, how they sit and hold inside the plastic plug?
I did some awful schematics on top :-)
There is a small tooth or two that hold it in place.

Look close to your connector, try to identify them. You can also put clip inside and feel it.

Ok, how to remove?
Take the prepared clip, but before you insert it, push pin by wire as far as you can (from back to front, left to right) so the tooth will not touch plastic holder. Now, holding it in that position insert the clip easily until it stops.

No push it harder, you should feel by fingers feedback that you pushed the tooth inside.

Last step is while holding clip there pull out pin from the back and your are done!

If you have 2 teeth, follow the same procedure but insert both ends of the clip.

Repeat until you need.
When inserting them back, remember to pull-up lightly teeth (by knife or other tool) so it will hold pin again tightly.


  1. thanks for this page/tutorial! It was a real pain in the ass to remove that wire, cause I was thinking I had that pin with one teeth, but it was with two in the end.

    1. Happy it was useful :-)
      It really pain when you don't know where to press.

  2. Important. Orirginal AMP connector iso for VW have also yellow plastic protection bar. Must be pulled out from connector side before removing pins

    1. Of course. Thanks for pointing on that!
      Any protection bars/plastics should be remove prior to pulling out the pins.