Sunday, August 28, 2016

Blackvue DR650S-2CH Power Consumption

I've tested my new dashcam for current consumption.
Tests were made at my desk with lab power supply B&K Precision 9110 connected directly to the cam.

Setup conditions
  1. GPS is on but in a building it can't acquire satellites.
  2. Firmware v1.000-EN that came out of the box. Few measurements were done with v1.001-RU - current looks the same.
  3. Cloud service not set and not used.
  4. Memory card from the package: Blackvue 16GB CL10 MLC.
  5. Disconnecting/connecting rear camera done during full power off
  6. Measurements taken at stable mode: 1 or more minutes of working in that mode.
  7. Power on measurements was done with charged supercaps, no long power off stay.

From the manual we have these numbers
  1. Avg. 400 mA (4.8W at 12V, when GPS and WiFi is On)
  2. Avg. 300 mA (3.6W at 12V, when GPS and WiFi is Off)
  3. Actual power consumption may vary depending on use conditions and environment.

Test condition14V, mA
engine on
average12V, mA
engine off
Power ON460 (peak 500)
Power ON450 (peak 660)
Front + WiFi200...250225240...290265
Front + Park140...180160180...230205
Front + Park + WiFi170...220195200...250225
Front + Rear280...310295340...380360
Front + Rear + WiFi310...350330
Front + Rear + Park250...290270300...350325
Front + Rear + WiFi + Park270...310290310...370340

  • Front = Front camera
  • Rear = Rear cam attached
  • Park = Parking mode activated

Memory card that was used

Conclusions for 12V usage as it more important because that is the voltage when engine is off and usage of dashcam drain your battery.
  1. Consumption is bigger when engine is off, so be aware and I recommend to use Power Magic Pro with any dashcam to save your battery and shutoff cam when it comes to critical levels. Mine set to 12.0V threshold.
  2. When WiFi is on it adds 30mA in idle, not used connection. Maybe it has some sleep mode with less current - I don't know.
  3. Using rear cam adds 100mA.
  4. Parking mode reduces consumption by 40mA.


  1. По факту у меня эта камера в режиме парк, две камеры, гпс, вай фай и клоуд акб за три дня с 12.1в просел до 11.3в при этом машина завелась отлично, за ночь акб проседает в таком режиме приблизительно на 0.2в при чем это просадка всей машины вместе с акб, считаю это не смертельным, свой Про Магик снял, он напрасно рубит питание на 12в тем самым лишает камеру ее функционала в режиме парк. Нужно искать реле которое будет отключать на 11в, это вполне нормальный режим.

    1. У меня есть русский повер магик.
      Но мне, как-то и родного хватает, пока не вижу смысла. В милуиме я солнечную батарею подключал.