Thursday, August 19, 2010

GPS sku.37914

Yesterday I received my second GPS device sku.37914, got it for $106. Previous one sku.23569 I sold for half price after a year of usage.

Quick specs
6" TFT LCD, 800x480 pixels
Windows CE 6.0 English
CPU ARM11 500 MHz, dual core
RAM 128 MB
Built-in 4 GB internal flash memory with iGO
1200 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery
SiRF Atlas-4 GPS chipset
MicroSD slot up to 16 GB cards (support for SDHC too)
FM transmitter
No BlueTooth this time
No SD card

Rom version: PA06.1204.0608I7680CH
Software version: V3.6.E60.12.22
OEM info: YFAtlas4
Platform ID: 5955414E46454E47
DeviceID: 0000000000000000
Copyright (c) YF International Ltd

Windows says (via Active Sync)
Model name: AT8X0
Manufacturer: YFAtlas4
Firmware version: AT8X0 6.0

My iGO configuration files (sys.txt) for this device.

After week usage notes:
Full charge from AC adapter about 3 hours.
Battery holds almost 2 hours in low backlight (WOW!).
Screen is very bad on sunny day, even not direct lights in the car. You can use it like a mirror :-) Perfect at the evening/night of course.
Looks huge, not so heavy.
Haven't problems with taps at the corners.
Sound is good, strong enough.
Replaced stock windshield with stronger one (~$10 in local supermarket), stock's looks very weak.
So far no troubles with adapters, all cars fuses are fine :-)

Update (2010/08/22)
Saw similar device (looks exatcly like mine) in Shekem Electric for ~800 NIS as Apex 6062.