Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Israel speed cameras update for iGO (August 2010)

The file

Note that all speed limit notifications are set to 90 km/h - may vary on some roads from 70 to 100 km/h.

Missing cameras with following coordinates:
Road 4
Road 2 (Ayalon HW)

And those, which coords are unknown. I will try to check their locations by myself later.

Install instructions (should work on any 8.x version, tested on Primo):
0. Exit iGO (if need).
1. Open your iGo content folder \SDMMC\iGO\CONTENT\SPEEDCAM.
2. Copy file there (choose view raw to download file).
3. Remove any *.spdb and *.spud files, program will create them again on start-up.
4. Run iGO.
5. Check for new cameras between Caesarea and Zihron Yakov on road 2.

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UPDATE (2010/08/22 1:20)
Drove on road 2 last night - no cameras on GPS positions. Fakes?