Sunday, May 16, 2010

012 Smile internet

Looks like now, my internet connection is fine.

After I've spent a lot of time last week on my cell phone with them, their VoIP box passed away, and they replaced it by new one after 2 days. Another fail is when I ask for free call back from support because I on my cell, they saying "wait, it will not take more than a minute" and then again and again.

All was need is a right support guy, his name is Eugene.
He is not tell to Cisco employee "type ping on black screen, it's spelling P-I-N-G" or "you need a PC technician, you have problem with your PC" that's just so unprofessional for support host. I guess, the main issue on any support service its experience and quality of that young boys and girls, 012 is the worst company.

Also, if 012 representatives (not support) promise to call you back on next day to check is that fixed or when to take replacement, that will never happen.

But anyway, thumb down for 012, better choose Bezeqint or Netvision.

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