Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Learning Adobe Flex

Last week I learned some Adobe Flex.
They got great video course - Flex in a Week - recommended if you want a smooth start without too much reading.

In frame of this week, I did a small project - company car chooser. Most big companies (like mine Cisco) offer to their employees leased cars. Sometimes it profitable, sometimes not (out of this article scope).

So, people should choose a car and CarChooser will help them to make a first choice (or minimize options) by simple criteria filtering like budget, major car specs, tax rates (for Israel). It uses Google Image Search service for preview images, so it's very cool. Before that we have simple cars table with names and links to makes pages. You need to open 5-10 links until you find how much you will pay, how it looks like and can you use trunk for folding bikes with food at once.

Online demo
Source code on GitHub

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