Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I want to clarify why I complain about 012 and why you should avoid buy their service.
I'm not saying that it happens with all their clients, but from what I know - you better find another provider.

I work at Cisco and till April 25th 2010 our company was paid for home broadband internet, usually 5 Mb / 512 kb. I was happy subscriber of HOT business as infrastructure and Bezeqint Business as ISP.

Now, as company reduces costs and employees need to switch to self paid internet. Cisco called all ISP to the office and the come with different deals - 012 Smile, Netvision, Bezeqint and Orange. Most of us chose 012 cause of lowest prices. They have bundles (ISP + infrastructure) or just ISP service.

Compare details on 012 deal to Cisco versus regular request as new client, prices in NIS.
Client type: Business vs. Private
ISP cost: 30 vs. 90
HOT cost: 72 vs. 80
Bundle cost: 102 vs. 130
In summary, if you are new client you will pay 130 NIS every month for 5/512, if you from Cisco - 102 NIS. Pretty good prices for us, because we have a big group of people looking for internet.

Now, when I switched to 012 from Bezeqint, here start my problems.
The major are
- torrent traffic is shaped (more details in next post)
- L2TP connection lost from 2-4 times per day
- support is also playing ping-pong with you sending you to HOT, HOT to 012 and so on.

Before Cisco (3 years ago) I was also using 012 and was very unhappy with them because of same things. I thought they changed - wrong! Now they won't let me leave and keep fucking my brain every day (details to follow).

By the way, you can try them for 14 days and disconnect without even say a reason as new remark to law says.

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